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Install Hyperion
Installing Hyperion

An overview of template files and instructions for installing and activating the template. Read More...

Custom Modules
Custom Modules

Learn all about the included Hyperion custom modules and how to configure them for your site. Read More...

Menu Options
Menu Options

An overview of the Hyperion menu options including the top menu icon configuration. Read More...


A guide to the Hyperion customisation options that can be configured within the template's index.php. Read More...

Using Typography

A guide to using the included the Hyperion typography styles in your site. Read More...

Demo Content
Demo Content

A look at some of the modules and techniques used in the demo content on the frontpage of the Hyperion demo. Read More...

Logo Editing
Logo Editing

An overview for customizing your logo and replacing the logo text with your organization or company name and logo. Read More...


An overview of how to customize your Hyperion in respects to the Internet Explorer PNGfix. Read More...

More Hyperion Template Tutorials

Continue learning how to configure and customize the Hyperion template with the following guides and tutorials available in the RocketTheme members forum board.

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